Increasingly ‘sobering’ updates on Ukraine’s counteroffensive

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    In short, the counteroffensive is a flop. As I noted elsewhere, the actual military personnel losses on the Ukraine side are a secret. We only hear about alleged Russian losses. The failure of the counteroffensive has given Russia the time to harden its defenses.

    Western allies receive increasingly ‘sobering’ updates on Ukraine’s counteroffensive (CNN)

    Col. Douglas Abbott Macgregor is a retired U.S. Army colonel, government official, author, consultant, and television commentator. He played a significant role on the battlefield in the Gulf War and the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.0 Macgregor has a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia and is the executive vice president of Burke-Macgregor Group LLC, a defense and foreign policy consulting firm in Northern Virginia. He retired from the Army in 2004 after 28 years of service. Macgregor has authored five books.

    Says we (US and NATO) caused this war and we are looking at a war that Russia is far more prepared for than the US.

    He worries that Poland will be the tail that wags the American dog into war with Russia. Poland is about the only country where hatred for Russia rises to the level of wanting to take on Russia.

    America’s dream of world hegemony is driving the world away from the dollar and toward the BRICS initiative and that threatens to take away what is perhaps America’s most effective tool to line up foreign help for America protect its monopolar hegemony.

    I don’t need to be told MacGregor is a conservative and that he’s appearing on a conservative channel. I maintain an open mind. I see a lot of craziness on both ends of the political spectrum. I can’t write off MacGregor as a crazy.



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