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    I don’t consider it all flawed – but much of it goes nowhere except up its own arse.  Traditional moral philosophy is largely a giant waste of anybody’s time, except that it primes people to be ready for the real stuff (evolutionary ethics).

    Yes Simon, we all totally have all the reason in the world to take someone seriously when they know virtually but-fuck nothing about it but contend that “it had its head up its arse”. You aren’t the first pseudo-intellectual to trash-talk philosophy or moral philosophy while being blatantly ignorant about numerous concepts and needing even non-philosophers to correct you on the basics. Bio-ethics are a continuation of moral philosophy and I can promise you they are not a waste of time, especially when you can personally benefit from numerous hospital policies ranging from privacy, choice and ethical practices in surgery if you are even unlucky enough to need it.

    And if what I am saying isn’t clear enough…I can talk about your book, of which I likely know as much by the comments you have made here as you do about philosophy or moral philosophy in general…and I can dismiss it as “a waste of time with its head up its own arse” and my claim is as meaningful as yours is about moral philosophy. I’m sure you would find it ridiculous for me to make such a claim about your work having never read the book, that is no different to your ludicrous dismissal of philosophy while you at the very best have skimmed Wikipedia pages on some subjects and read a primary source or two.

    Grow some intellectual integrity Simon.

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