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    And by “let’s” I mean you (you who use the label “Russian disinformation,” “in bed with Putin,” and similar accusations). It’s a form of the poisoning the well fallacy and it’s modern day McCarthyism.

    We now know that many of the misdeeds labeled as “conspiracy theories” and described as “Russian disinformation” have proven to be true. This isn’t to say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was justified or that Putin is a model political actor. It certainly isn’t to say that Russia has no arm devoted to disseminating false narratives. So does our government and so do our political parties domesticslly.

    The supposed Russian election manipulation conspiracy theory has turned out to be a hoax spread by the Democrats.

    The Hunter laptop story, labeled as a Russian hoax by the Dems and the Biden campaign, has proven to be true, as admitted by The New York Times. It was true and they knew it was true. They withheld their admission until they knew it could no longer hurt the Dems.

    The notion promoted by the current administration that it was Russia who blew up it’s own multibillion dollar gas lines in a desperate act to cut its own throat certainly seems to be the most recent example of a hoax perpetrated by the U.S. government, acting on behalf of the military-industrial complex and the oil and gas industries.

    Russiagate hoax:

    Hunter’s laptop not Russian disinfo:

    The pipeline sabotage (with Seymour Hersh):



    Hi! Let’s stop labeling people period.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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