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    Belle Rose

    I am intrigued by the concept of detachment. The concept of attachment is something that became of interest to me over the last couple of years. Attachment theory and developmental psychology is really fascinating to me. I’ve started to ponder the subject a lot, and I found that our early attachments in life really do affect in large part the kind of person we later become. Of course most people probably don’t sit and think about their own attachment style, or why it is that way unless they are already interested in psychology or have a reason to study it, or they end up in therapy LOL!

    The way that we attached or detached can really affect all aspects of our life, but I want to zero in on specifically romantic relationships. As a thought experiment and just for the hell of it to get our minds off of all the craziness of this world, let’s have a talk about our attachment styles, and how it impacts our love life. Are you the kind of person that’s too clingy or always wanting your space? Do you tend to have long-term study relationships or jump from person to person unable to commit? Are you the kind of person that always has to be with somebody or do you not mind being single?….When thinking about these questions what was your attachment like with your own parents and what was the relationship like between them?


    Simon Paynton

    I’ve heard it said that people with heavily fractured childhoods become swingers as adults.  I’m not sure why this is.  There’s something intimate and distant about it at the same time, as if people are interchangeable.

    I’m very particular about who I go with: that person has to be “safe” with good morals, as a number 1 requirement.

    As it is, I prefer things more “distant” than close, although romantic and loving.  I always was a loner by disposition but I think I had a normal attachment with my family.

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