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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    This story came up on another Forum discussing the Hamas attacks on Israel and I just couldn’t stay silent:

    A Fishing Line Encircles Manhattan, Protecting Sanctity Of Sabbath
    May 13, 20194:25 PM ET
    Heard on All Things Considered
    Monique Laborde

    You know, if my very existence were at issue–and after The Holocaust, who except lunatics would dispute that–the very last thing on my mind would be whether or not I am working on or observing the damn Sabbath!

    In fact, I would be working my ass off seven days a week in the gym, at the track, at the shooting range, at the Krav Maga* lessons, and at my regular workplace earning more cabbage for the household “fuck you”-money fund and for a vehicle to haul ass out of a major city that has already been struck by terrorists twice, not to mention a city which is a cesspool of work-a-day crime!

    And I’d save the fishing line to go along with the hooks, sinkers, bobs, lures, rods, reels, and bait, along with the rest of my Shit-Hits-The-Fan (SHTF) gear!

    Yet another way that faith is ultimately deadly to human children, human adults, and any living thing that depends on them!

    * I always joke the Krav Maga is Hebrew for: “Never Again!…And I mean that shit!” ✡️💥👊



    Yep enco, there’s that magical thinking home sapiens excels at. We really need to change our scientific name to homo magicalatus. 





    You know? I think I just accidentally made a salty version of a Peleton commercial…only nowadays the entire thing would be set among the primitive, mind-dulled, Mideaval peasants! 😁

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