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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    I just learned of this and wanted to pass it along to all in my Internet circles.

    Evidently, the people of Poland have learned nothing from their history, whether it’s The Dark Ages, the mutual oppression under the Nazis and Soviets, or even the more recent Eighties martial law in the days of Solidarity:

    Metal Musician Adam “Nergal” Daraki Fined by Polish Court for “Offending Religious Feelings”

    Metal Musician Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski Fined by Polish Court for ‘Offending Religious Feelings’


    Yeah, Poland has been once again invaded and taken over. Not by Nazis or Communists but by something more sinister, namely extreme Catholics and are now controlled by the Vatican.  I know several Polish people and some of them have told me that they moved to Ireland because they thought we had similar religious views. We did, but only a minority of the Irish follow that religion any more. Many of those that do are really just “cultural Catholics” but only see the inside of a Church for weddings or funerals.

    This has upset\surprised many Polish people. Pope JP2 was Polish and Ireland made a big deal of his visit in 1979. Funny, it was his visit that made me an atheist – in the sense that I understood what the term meant at age 14. I felt a sense of despair that nobody else could see through it. OK, now I am sure many could but nobody would speak about it as Ireland was a Catholic dictatorship back then. I think Poland is becoming even more extreme. I even know of some Polish women who recently traveled to Ireland for abortions, in the same way that Irish women went to England for theirs for years. This story was told to me by a Polish atheist who works for one of my clients.

    The Catholic Church in Poland is a disgrace, just as it is here in Ireland (name any county where it is not).

    WTF are “religious feelings” anyway? They can’t defend their idiotic beliefs with reasoned argument so they throw a tantrum anytime they feel offended. Don’t you disrespect my sacred comfy blanket or we will throw you in jail.

    More on the incident here

    Szatan żyje !!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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