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    Is there anyway we can sue the government for what is happening in these “detention facilities?” I mean is there a way that we can say that this is clearly violating human rights and they all need to be shut down now…Can an average citizen do something like that? Just tell me what forms I need to fill out and I’m on my way…



    Something needs to change. This is an outrage, & seeing the US reduced to this is shocking.



    It’s very shocking and sad. When President Obama got elected I thought we had “come so far.” But every state of the union address when all the WHITE RACIST REPUBLICAN MEN were sitting down not clapping with frowns on their faces, I knew over time it’s all bullshit. Any bit of progress we thought we had made was just tongue and cheek.



    …..now those SAME WHITE RACIST REPUBLICAN MEN are destroying our country and the WORLD forever. I can’t wait til lady climate change comes and DESTROYS their homes. Karma is a BITCH.


    Glen D

    Don’t know enough about US law, perhaps in breach of both 5th and14th Amendments, both of which contain a due process clause.—These current detainees have not been charged with a crime, nor tried..Seems to me the government has no right to detain them. OR if does,  there is a duty of care which they are not meeting.  Not sure about the constitution. Cruel and unusual punishment?.  Pretty sure there is a duty of car under human rights conventions the US has signed. However, those conventions do not have force of law.


    Various US governments have ignored the constitution whenever it was expedient. EG Internment of Japanese American citizens during WW2.

    PLUS— In the wake of 9/11 , the US had a collective nervous breakdown. The government seized the opportunity to gain more power by passing ‘The Patriot Act’. It also formed the sinister-sounding “Department of Homeland Security”, which has a lot of power. The result is that under ‘some circumstances’ both Habeas Corpus AND due process are ignored.  imo, the most egregious examples are Guantanamo Bay Prison and the ‘rendition’ of SUSPECTED terrorists .

    Why that concerns me: The US kidnapped an Australian citizen, David Hicks from a foreign country and held him at Guantanamo Bay for several years ,without charge. My government was too  weak to demand his immediate release. (the Brits did, and got their  citizen back tout de suite)


    Just a guess, but I think one would need enormous resources to sue the US government.

    Perhaps you could contact internationally respected human rights lawyer, Geoffrey Robertson.That would result in a lot of publicity. Might even get a result… His thin volume “The Case Of The Pope is ” is terrific. It deals with the child sex abuse scandal of the Catholic Church.


    “Geoffrey Ronald Robertson AO, QC (born 30 September 1946)[3] is a human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster. He holds dual Australian and British citizenship.

    Robertson is a founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers.[4] He serves as a Master of the Bench at the Middle Temple, a recorder, and visiting professor at Queen Mary University of London.[5][3][6] ”



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