• jakelafort posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    No, Enco, no.

    And after any trial, if the accused men are found innocent, there should be civil damages and criminal counter-charges of false accusation and imprisonment. Writes Enco!

    Accused are not found innocent. They may be found not guilty. That does not prove innocence. The burden of proof on the state is no small thing. Just cuz a jury does not convict definitely does not prove innocence. Therefore your hang the accusers sentiment is inapposite.

    But here is a legal tidbit from your Uncle Jake. There is a principle in law known as res judicata. Lets suppose the accusers through the prosecution prevail. Those accusers (victims) can utilize the guilty verdict to good effect. Since the burden of proof in a criminal matter is beyond a reasonable doubt whereas in civil matters it is preponderance of the evidence in civil court the criminal is precluded from relitigating identical issues. So if the cause of action has same elements the civil case can become a hearing in damages. And that is music to the ears of the plaintiff’s counsel. Dixieland band is making some music…