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    Your bias in favor of the oppressors and the entrenched power is apparent. You use words like smear to describe any perceived criticism of capitalism or the reputations of those accused of rape. As to laws that would/do protect the vulnerable from historical and ongoing irrational hatred you label TRICK LAWS.

    What a ridiculous contention that we don’t care about due process! I don’t think anyone would say that an innocent man is never convicted of rape. On the other hand without knowing statistics i would bet tenners to donuts that the falsely convicted are disproportionately Blacks and other minorities. Also it is a very high bar the prosecution must meet to get a conviction. This is particularly true of rape cases because there is in fact a rape culture, religious culture and male power structure that adds to the state’s burden.

    On the other hand one can only imagine how many rapists are walking and chewing gum as innocent and carefree as a spring flower. No doubt many are serial rapists. Is it 250 unpunished (mostly unreported) rapes or 1000 to every one who is convicted? I am sure it is a staggering imbalance. And of those convicted how many are innocent? It is presumably a tiny percentage. And again the poor and the minorities get hosed at every turn in life. I wont bother expanding because the basis is so obvious it is almost trite. It is not an even playing field. It is not close. Your fears and sentiments are misplaced.

    Where is your humanity?