• jakelafort posted an update 1 week ago

    Enco, it is against the law to make false accusations?

    Are you certain of that? Is it a criminal or a civil matter to make false accusations? Does it matter whether those accusations are libelous or slanderous? Does it matter who the accusations are against? Is everything black and white with you?

    No idea what davron is. But i threw out my diplomas and certificates for passing the bar in two different states, and certificates for doing pro bono work etc. That shit don’t mean shit to me.

    Being half Jewish and having read a fair amount of history you can well imagine i have read about the blood libel. But i would not ascribe to it the sole cause of the persecution of Jews and much more so in the middle ages on than earlier.

    I think we all oppose false accusations. In fact if an individual does not find false accusations to be distasteful at a minimum then we probably will not be having a beer with that individual or taking in a ball game or teva.

    I can see why you are pissed at me for saying you are champion of the powerful and the oppressors. From my vantage it is unsettling in a discussion about rape to be more concerned about the few who are falsely accused. My sentiments are always with those who have been falsely accused and more so with those who have been falsely convicted. It has to be one of the more unspeakable unjust occurrences in jurisprudence. Although if you know the history of persecution of the innocents i suppose it is not any worse than a great many injustices. But the point is rape is so damn common and we have a culture that enables it and it so often goes unpunished or even reported while those who are falsely convicted a tiny minority. And the law already gives recourse to the falsely accused. (There is a well known atheist author who is out of vogue who wrote a book about rape by White males against Native American women before the revolutionary war and if i recall White men were never punished for raping natives. Implicit in many rape scenarios is a power imbalance) But you expressed not only concern for those wronged by such accusations but you want the law to come down hard on those individuals.

    When we discussed protecting individuals from groups that have suffered historically through racism, mind viruses and various isms you were opposed to any laws that gave rights to those individuals. You were opposed to any curtailment of hate speech in any form. But you want to slam the shit out of victims of false accusations of rape. So in essence the typically more powerful accused of rape guy who is found innocent (no such thing but i understand you are not an attorney) ought to have the greatest recourse against the false accuser while gays, jews, blacks, transgenders and other discriminated groups can go fuck themselves. Also in pointing out a specific and historical instance of free market capitalism resulting in restrictive covenants which enforce segregation and further racism you stood by your ineffable love of free market capitalism. So again the powerful land owners have freedom of contract regardless of the repercussions and the injustice that results. I also pointed out the irony that most of those individuals have no problem subordinating their capitalist principles when it comes to their property and their racist tendencies. Do you see where your sentiments lie?