• jakelafort posted an update 1 week ago

    Enco, you have pointed out a historical theme in re to accusations. You might have added the era of Joe McCarthy. Is seems your opposition is based on the unjustified insult directed at the wrongly accused AND the consequences of allowing such SPEECH. Good on you and quite correct.

    Earlier you championed the cause of unfettered free speech. The principle, you opined, is sacrosanct and ought not be violated under any circumstances. I pointed out that free speech is already abridged and curtailed in various circumstances. Further the failure to acknowledge the role of history and the actual consequences of hate speech (hate speech is the mother of false accusations) results in untold harm. I have also asserted that the role of the internet in hate speech has made it even more exigent that we legislate against such speech.

    So it appears your positions are in conflict. Where do you stand now?