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    Encospeak: As I have repeatedly alluded to regarding certain trick laws, intention is the hardest, most problematic thing to establish with anyone or their actions. Intentions, thus, cannot be the basis of any ethics or morality based upon reason.

    How ya gonna continue to wave the cheese and get me to bite like a blue gill hooked and released three times? In my best John McEnroe impression and i do impressions rather well…YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

    Those trick laws are in your estimation the hate crime laws. As i recall your objection to hate crime laws is that they are duplicative. If the underlying action that is the subject of the hate crime is already a crime then the separate charge involved in the hate crime is a waste. You reject the rationale supporting hate crime laws.

    On the contrary intention in legal matters and specifically with regard to hate crimes is easy to ascertain; often times it is blatant and unavoidable. In those instances in which a person is charged with a crime, any crime, if the intention requisite to criminal conduct is not established beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is acquitted of the crime. Yes there are a limited number of crimes based on strict liability but in general criminal matters are all about intention. If we only examine results without assessing intention then it is the same crime to have been bullied and tormented, finally fight back and unintentionally kill the bully with a left cross that causes an aneurysm as it is to hire a hitman to murder your business adversary.

    Removing intention as an element or basis of ethics, law, or morality is tantamount to insanity or at the very least abdication of reason.