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    I am wondering whether you have a nuanced viewpoint as to racism. Does history and the power dynamic make a difference for you?

    When Blacks hate all Whites is it more justifiable than Whites hating all Blacks? I have noticed a tendency especially on the part of conservatives to lump it all together. Ideally we would avoid all stereotyping and presumed assignment of traits based on race or ethnicity. If you have experienced racism and or you are part of a group that has been victimized it takes some maturity to avoid the kneejerk of hatred. I am not asserting that so called reverse racism is not wrong but from my vantage it is not as wrong as the other.

    • We are all one people and this foolishness based on skin colors needs to die immediately. We have all witnessed the atrocities of religions and racial supremacy and it’s high time that we would love to see our planet in the ways of peace, to reveres injustice is still injustice and this is not my message of any such thing. I do not like social order or any form that promotes any form of supremacy because we are all one people living on this one planet and this stupidity or being better than another human being needs to stop and stop now!