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    I am not able to reply on your profile.

    You are not making sense. So you deny racism can come from Non-Whites? The people who invented race are dead! Racism, however, is alive and well. I brought up the topic of whether racism is equally abhorrent when it comes from the oppressed vs. the oppressor. I guess you are of the opinion that it is ONLY racism when it is from the oppressor and the oppressor is WHITE.
    Black and indigenous have never done anything to me? You don’t know my personal history well enough to make that assertion so i assume you are lumping me in with all Whites. Yeah that is not cool. Again i have despised racism since i was a child. I’ve also come to the aid of a victim of racism and dared any who would hurt this person to come through me first. You have created more straw dogs in attributing beliefs to me that i do not have.