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    Thomas Paine

    I am a long time atheist.

    I’m not here to wring my hands over endless nonsensical explorations on how to refute bull shit apologists.

    There is no God, or supernatural omniscient force that intervenes in anyone’s life.

    Free Will; If it is so, why is there absolutely no mention of this contorted BS Philisophical construct ANYWHERE in the compilation of more illogical BS referred to as the Bible.

    I am here to combat the rise of Theocrats, Dominionists, and Christofascists that are trying to take over this country an the world.

    The rise of theocrats and oligarchs that empower them is the greatest threat we face as a democracy.



    Amen Brother Thomas!


    Faisal Aslam

    Welcome here brother!


    Ron H

    Yes and a big hello.


    Thomas Paine

    @ Ben, Faisal, and Ron — thank you one and all.


    Ethel L. Haney

    Need help in Alabama… Dr.’s are all religious and not willing to provide me with proper care down here…. Someone please help…..



    We’d need to know more about your situation, Ethel. What is it, precisely, you are trying to obtain that their religion won’t let them do?


    Tom Sarbeck

    Count me among your allies, “Thomas Paine”.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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