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    I heard a news report recently about a death row inmate in Alabama scheduled for execution. The man was a Muslim and wished to have his imam present in the execution chamber. The prison refused saying that the only religious official on staff was a Christian minister and, for security reasons, officials of other faiths were not allowed to be in the chamber. Legal challenges ensued and, long story short, the Supreme Court ruled that the execution was to proceed without the imam. The man was executed this past Thursday evening.

    First of all, since the prison is a state sponsored institution, why does there need to be any clergy on staff at all? Shouldn’t the separation of church and state (I know, laughable) obviate the need to have any religious personnel present in a facility paid for with tax dollars. To quote “The Shawshank Redemption”, “They have only three ways to spend the taxpayers’ money for prisons: More walls, more bars, more guards.”

    Secondly, why doesn’t a Christian minister have any problem with the death penalty? I suppose this flirts with crossing the same line that lethal injection has to be performed by a licensed physician in violation of the Hippocratic oath. I suppose, given the violent history of Christianity, this shouldn’t be so surprising however, all of the Christians with whom I have conversations seem to think that they have a corner on the morality market and state sponsored murder would seem to fly in the face of that claim.

    Many in the media are all up in arms about the unequal treatment of prisoners from different religions but don’t seem to be seeing (what I consider) the larger picture regarding the inherent inequities surrounding the application of capital punishment (or capital punishment itself for that matter).



    Yeah, this is a Christian Nation entitlism thing; oppression from the majority; and righteous support of capital punishment. I think of these traditions as comparable to Sharia Law. US Armed Forces provide a wider choice of religious services and support, which I haven’t thought enough about, so I don’t feel informed enough to comment.

    Good topic.

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    From what I hear a lot of American Muslims are conservative and vote that way. Well maybe not so much anymore, thanks to the Big Orange Ogre. Always use to claw at my craw. Do they honestly think that when politicians say they want prayer in the schools that they want the school to make prayer rooms for muslims, jews, hindi, and druids? There is only one religion being recognized here and it’s christianity. Had this conversation with an Iranian Jew who voted for Trump. But on 60 minutes they did a piece where Saudi Arabian and Arab Emirates parents were sending their kids to Christian universities here in the USA. Why? Because, they said, of the discipline. I guess the rules at christian universities are strict.

    That is screwed up that they were allowed to not provide that man with an imam. Even in death christianity wanted complete control of that man. How fucked up are these people?

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