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    I wanted to complain about an all caps headline, but don’t want to sound like a style nazi. In fact to a large extent, I dislike style itself because, I dunno, it’s too often from excessive stylism. (My dictionary tells me that ‘stylism’ is a misspelling, err, misspelled word, err, not even a word, but I still think it’s worthwhile and meaningful in this context, and so I’m sticken to it. I also like a word I made up here about a week ago, dysfunctionalism, wrt the kind of political belief system of our current government and those who elected it. I’m all for thinking outside the boxes, whenever possible, and wearever it fits or best misfits the pedantical paradigm.)

    Anyway, rather than complain to someone whom I love here (ahem, @unseen!) who is very obviously one of our best writers and thinkers, not to mention most edumacated, I thought I should drop my grammar nazi-ism (sp) prejudice, look into the topic of ALL CAPS in headlines, and there is opinion a-plenty on the topic. And I did google the newest all-caps AZ headline verbatim to see if maybe it was just an honest copy/paste from a different, more blamable cheepy headlines media outlet, but no, google only recognizes one source, Atheist Zone, and (imo, humorously) the images that result show only AZ-derived images.

    #over-emotional-style-nazi-ism, #trivialism, #Pope-fingerpointyism, #ALLCAPSnonoInUNIXandUSENETcommunities, #IshouldBeDoingHomeworkInstead

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