Are we victims of circumstance or do we choose our circumstance?

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    […] It seems as though those in least favorable conditions have the most offspring. No work? No problem. Not enough to eat? No problem. Not enough clean water? No problem.

    I’ll bet this kind of over-population strategy is built-in from much earlier evolutionary times when we tended to die off much earlier in life. It’s only an “over” population strategy in modern times, when there is a higher average level of health even in somewhat advanced populations.

    I believe the level of average living conditions and health, on average, have increased a great deal in the past several thousand (probably 10k, at least?) years. The ceiling has risen exponentially, exaggerating the difference between the highest and lowest healthiness/effectiveness that individual humans can experience/exert. I mention this mostly because of the naturally unplanned for, increased pervasive abilities of alpha males and socio-inheritable power structures to dominate our cultural directions. And I mention that imbalance because…

    Based on what we know of humans will cooperation ever be the norm?

    … it will all depend on who’s in power, and on how we can assess and address our “circumstances”, whatever they may be.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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