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    Fellow Unbelievers:

    While things have gone completely bonkers here in the United States, things may be beginning to become more sane in the Islamic world.

    Faisal Saheed Al-Mutar and his group Ideas Beyond Borders are spreading ideas of Secularism, Freedom, and The Enlightenment where it is sorely needed:

    Middle East Enlightenment

    Here is the Web Site for Ideas Beyond Borders.  Very important work they are doing here:


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    “We share, translate and promote ideas that foster critical thinking, civil rights, science, pluralism, and more to ultimately bring to life a modern, pluralistic Middle East, led by the people of the region.”

    If that is their statement of purpose, it’s ideological suicide, isn’t it?




    As the video shows with the burning book tent, bringing Enlightenment ideas to the Middle East definitely has its risk.  And it will take a while and it will require constant reinforcement.

    But it’s not impossible, as it wasn’t impossible with the West and the U.S.

    Although the focus was on the Sunni portion of the Islamic world, Secularism has a big underground following in Shia Iran.  Had the uprising succeeded in 2009, the Secular underground could have broken out then.  It may do so yet again.

    Alcohol stills are popular with offshore oil rigs in the Gulf region and some Saudi big-wigs have wine cellars, so there is another crack in the Seven Veil Curtain.

    Turks, Iranians, North Africans, and Lebanese living today have memories of more Secular times.  Once people have a taste, it’s hard to completely suppress.

    As with so much else up in the air,  must wait and see…



    If that is their statement of purpose, it’s ideological suicide, isn’t it?

    It looks to me more like an anti-ideology than an ideology, except perhaps where they quote from the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, ARTICLE 19. But yeah, any kind of promotion of western values might put those promoters at risk, ala Charlie Hebdo. Perhaps even authors such as Pinker are more at risk, even if he’s not championing an ideology.

    Like with some cults and religions in America, a lot of apostates have said that just seeing that contrary ideas exist and might make sense was eye opening for them. I’m sure this is especially true for those living under theocratic controls.


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