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    Introduction to islam

    Introduction to Islam This book was first published in the sixties, since when it has been reprinted several times. In every edition, there has been an initial chapter outlining the background to the book, where in Shaikh Tantawi explained the reasons for his writing the book, and the circumstances under which it was first published. In this, the tenth edition, we give a more detailed summary than in earlier editions. Shaikh Tantawi grew up in Syria at the beginning of this century. He always expresses great admiration and gratitude to his father. Shaikh Mustafa Tantawi, who was a leading Faqih (jurist) in his country. According to Shaikh Tantawi, people in those days were either Shaikhs (scholars of Islam) or Effendis (Arabs who had “received a secular education). The Shaikhs were uninformed about the modem sciences of the Effendis, whereas the Effendis were ignorant of religion. Fortunately for Shaikh Tantawi, he was among the few to receive both types of

    Some years ago Shaikh Tantawi wrote a book entitled : (Religious Reform), wherein he discussed the need for religion | and referred to the mooted question of whether man can live without religion. According to Shaikh Tantawi, such questions can only be answered by counter-questions, such as whether it is possible for man to lead a material life, casting off all his inner emotions of love, and admiration of nature and her beauty. In this context the author also discussed the values of western philosophers and thinkers such as Kant, Newton, Pascal and Goethe. To disprove the statement made by some of them that the universe was created by accident, the author gave the following example. If we were to place five balls, four white and one red in a bag, the probability of taking out the red ball the first time would be one in five. Similarly, if there were nine white balls, the ratio would be one in ten. But if one were to place an unlimited number of balls in the bag, the probability of picking out the red ball would be one to an unlimited number. Therefore we cannot say that the red ball could be picked at the first or even the hundredth attempt. So how could the planets that orbit on a set course without colliding with one another have come into existence by accident? Therefore, there must be a Divine Power behind them. In 1936 Shaikh Tantawi went to work as a secondary school teacher in Iraq, and he was assigned to the teaching of Arabic literature and religion. It was during this time that he felt the need for a simple and comprehensive book on Islam. He decided to campaign for this idea, and wrote many articles urging the Ulema to compile such a book. But no one responded. Many years passed. Meanwhile, other scholars who, like the Author, were also well read in religious and secular studies had decided to write books on Islam. While many of these were excellent, a simple and comprehensive book on Islam had still not been published. In 1966 the author wrote an article called “A General Introduction to Islam”. It was published in the journal of the Muslim World League at Mecca, and caught the attention of a minister in the Saudi Arabian government, Mr. Muhammad Umar Tawfiq. He immediately advised the Muslim World League to commission the services of Shaikh Tantawi to write this book.


    Simon Paynton

    Looks interesting, @isiz.  I’ve read “Muhammed” by Karen Armstrong, and some stuff on Sufism.


    Marhabaan Izisraj. The example of the white balls to explain probability is very weak. However given that he was a teacher of literature and not mathematics, it is not surprising. Also not knowing Einstein’s theories (or even Newton’s) as being a better explanation of planetary motion is also somewhat understandable given that it was “relatively” new (pun most definitely intended) when he was alive. But deducing that a God must exist because he does not understand how the  planets don’t collide into each other is a prime example of the fallacy known as an “appeal to ignorance”.

    His understanding of Kant thinking that the “Universe came from nothing” shows he never read Kant or if he did, that he never understood what he read.. (I suspect his statues to be torn down soon because of his theories on race). I would have assumed he would have been an admirer of Goethe. I mean if Shaikh Tantawi was a teacher of literature, the poetry and prose of Goethe would have interested him. Again he too was not a cosmologist. He was more keen on botany.

    I am coming to consider that the line you include about western philosophers above is just used to impress. This time it is an “appeal to authority”.

    I have learnt nothing about Islam from what you have written. In fact I suspect you did not even write it. Be honest, did you just paste it from another article, written by someone else and tried to claim it as your own? If the book is as full with fallacious arguments as your post then it is not worth reading.

    No, you are just a troll. Shukraan jazilaan.



    Simon Paynton

    No, you are just a troll.

    A bit harsh?  Brainwashed maybe.  There is no religious argument I have seen, for the existence of God, that does not get wiped out in 5 minutes by atheists.

    To me, it sounds like a quaint and silly piece of apologetics – like most apologetics.


    A bit harsh?

    No, the whole piece is just a copy and paste of an Amazon book review. If it was posted with a reference to the source it would deserve some respect. If Izisraj is the actual author of the book then he should have introduced himself as such. If he is an apologist for Islam then he should make his own arguments.

    The whole piece is just rubbish. It might be a book that unthinking followers of the religion of peace fall for but posting on an atheist website will result in reasoned criticism. He is doing a disservice to Islam with such lame arguments.

    Brainwashed maybe

    Anyone claiming to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe and who believes they will become an immortal is deluded. They need to have their “brain washed”. I am the detergent with added bleach 🙂

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