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    Atheists have a worldview that is non-religious. Theists assume that we form it based upon a denial of the “reality” of their gods’ existence or because we lack belief in their gods. I established my worldview based upon my perception and my understanding of what science tells me. God never enters my mind because “god” does not explain anything. My atheism has nothing to do with my worldview other than reinforcing it by the distillation of the knowledge I have acquired about my existence and the world I exist in.
    In the same way, my lack of belief in ghosts or astrology is not how I form my worldview. However my understanding of the knowledge I have acquired leads me to consider ghosts do not exist, just as gods don’t and that astrology is BS.



    God I can’t believe how much I have changed since I wrote this post….yeeesh!


    Dang Martin

    I don’t see it as a religious belief or a world view. I’ve even had religious people try to twist it into a belief by asking, “Why do you BELIEVE there is no god?”

    That’s not how it works.

    In order to understand my perception, it is probably important to understand that I never left a faith or religion, because I was never a part of a religion. I was never a believer. Ever. My parents NEVER brought up religion, god, jesus, the bible, or ANYTHING. Ever. I wasn’t even told that religious belief was wrong, bad, or toxic. I came to that conclusion myself, later on.

    So, here I am, living at home as a child, having NEVER even been TOLD about religion. I get to grade school, and one day it comes up after we do that pledge of allegiance, and I ask what “one nation under god” means. What’s a god?

    The kids quickly figured out that I did not believe in their god and did not even know anything about it. And that spelled the end of my social life.

    To distill it, I’m just walking down the street, a non-believer, minding my own business, when a believer approaches and asks me if I believe. I tell them I don’t even know what they’re talking about. They spell it out, and I THINK about it, without the influence of childhood indoctrination, without the guilt or the threats. I come to the conclusion that this makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Does that make me part of a religious group? If it means that I have a “world view,” then it can be safely declared that EVERYONE has a world view, and therefore we shouldn’t be considering the idea of having a world view as being a bad thing, and merely be focusing upon the contents of that world view.

    Someone once said that I’m a member of a religion with belief and a world view, simply because I call myself an Atheist. To them, I can only say that if it makes you feel any better, then I will just call myself “the guy who isn’t buying the garbage that is for sale.”

    Christians won’t crap on their labels. With most American Christians, the label is all they’ve got. This is evidenced in our current Evangelical political administration, where they call themselves “Christians” and then do everything that goes against what their bibles and baby jesus commands. They’re hollow BS artists who use religion as an excuse.

    However, I don’t need the label of Atheist. I really don’t. I use it because it’s easy, and sometimes it’s to-the-point. But it seems to confuse some Christians.

    What is most frustrating is when a Christian will declare that I hold a belief, and they insinuate that belief is a bad thing [it is], and they suggest that religion is a bad thing [it is]. The reason they can do this is because EVERYONE ELSE has religious belief, but THEY do not. They don’t claim to believe. They claim to know. Everyone else follows a religion. They follow “the truth.”

    The mental gymnastics is exhausting.



    Okay well if you all know so much what would be your explanation for what happened without a God?



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