Is Ukraine actually going to lose this "war"?

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    This expert makes a lot of sense. Or does he?



    Looks like these two took the short bus to school but if they want to volunteer and buy their own body armor, socks and uniforms, the Russians will give them an old rusty AK-47.




    One, it is a war, not a scare-quoted “war.”

    Two, I don’t see what the surprise is that Poland is getting involved.

    It is within the lifetime of people living today that Poland was ripped apart in The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact a.k.a. The Non-Aggression Pact of 1939–an Orwellian name if ever there was one–by two bloodthirsty mass-murdering tyrants, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany anx Joseph Stalin of The Soviet Union.

    Hence, when Putin starts rattling his sabre and Merkel of Germany starts talking about cutting deals with Putin, it is no surprise to see Poles get their hackles raised by just a smidge.

    Three, peace can only come when Putin calls back his invasion and Ukraine accepts his humiliated surrender; no one else can do it for them, neither Poland nor even the U.S.

    Finally, The Bubushka Doll has not sang yet, so everything is up in the air. As always, “must wait and see…”



    Putin has been paying oligarchs for years to organize pro-Russian bullshit in East Ukraine and they gave him their kiss-ass incorrect version of reality. Expecting a cakewalk, Russian troops didn’t get the welcome Putin expected anywhere they went.

    For decades his war material oligarchs were busy stealing and building mega yachts. Look at their one aircraft carrier. It doesn’t start, LOL. Russian pilots have to Velcro Garmin GPS and Apple iPhones too their windshields so they know where they are.

    What remains is a strategy to hold back the Ukrainian miliary using sheer numbers of walking dead, drafted convicts and contractors on the front line while the rest of the Russian army attempts to kill civilians and destroy infrastructure like nuclear power plants as they regroup to buy drones and socks from Iran.


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