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    imagine some characters for a new superhero series to compete with Marvel’s Avengers and DC Comics’ Justice League. I’ll start so that you get the idea: Superposition Man, Wavicle Woman, and Absolute Zero (villain).

    The main rule, you may have discerned, is that the names should relate to scientific concepts, especially in physics, astronomy, and cosmology.

    Your turn.



    Superposition man is always interfering and keeping company with Wavicle Woman is like an endless emotional rollercoaster ride but Absolute Zero is very cool indeed.

    Particle man is very difficult to pin down. Tensor man can be found at the Hilbert Hotel most nights with Wavicle Woman. She is a model but only a standard one. On the other nights he hangs out with Wavicle Man because he has amazing angular momentum. That’s OK because he is Dutch and takes a very Copenhagen Interpretation to such matters.

    Non-locality Man is useless in an emergency. Quark Man is fundamental to any adventure but his side kick Doppler Man’s effect never lasts long. Inertia Woman stays rested until called into action. Planck Man likes to divide everything by its frequency which makes Neutrino Woman roll her eyes. Microwave Man stabs his enemies with a fork before frying them with electromagnetic radiation. Infrared Man only works the night shift.

    Atom Man has the potential to be great if he would stay off the radiocarbon dating sites and just settle down to enjoy the finer things in half life.




    You’re doing a great job. What can you do with these?:

    Cosmological Constance
    Cosmic and Gamma Ray Brothers (fraternal twin villains)
    Eddie Entanglement
    Aunty Matter (minor character)


    Eddie Entanglement prefers his relationships with no strings which leads Constance to think it’s all just physical with him but that’s her nature regardless of her aunt wanting to hold it all together. The Gemini gangsters are not the brightest. Cosmic has to keep explaining the next heist to Gamma because it just shoots over his head as if it’s all Greek to him.




    Cosmological Constance always is the one who starts a fight (being a First Cause, of course) and her onomatopoetic sound that she makes in a fight is: “*KALAM!*”

    Gamma Ray can go through a foot of Lead brick, but Cosmic Ray looks more dangerous because no one knows yet what he’ll do.

    Eddie Entanglement is the foreign villian George Washington warned us about.

    Aunty Matter is the hot Mrs. Robinson MILF that would make Dustin Hoffman explode. Fortunately for him, she didn’t get the part for The Graduate.

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