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    If you don’t know what schadenfreude is, I do, so there…Nah-Nah-n-Nah-Nah.



    I usually picture my self that the universe was created when I was born and that the entire universe will end when I die, because for me it will. And when I to try and calm my fear of death I try to remember what I believe; that death is less than nothing, that it is the ultimate nothingness because when we are dead we will not even be able to experience that we do not experience anything. We will know nothing about what it means to know nothing. I don’t think we humans can even picture ourselves this type of nothingness, we always seem to have a view of things we think about, even nothingness. When we are dead we will not even hade this kind of view. So to “be” dead (even doe you can’t be something when you are dead) will not be troublesome. To think about the time we are dead and fear it is almost the same to fear the time we were not born yet, or to think about all the time of experience you lose when you sleep.

    Off these things I think about in order to face my mortality. My interlect can understand this reasoning but my feelings often refuse to. I want to live! I can not die, right? My entire being and my ability to experience things can’t just disappere? If these feeling are to upsetting, I usually try some good old homemade propaganda and tell myself a good friend once said; I am immortal until proven I am otherwise. That will usually calm those horrible feelings of dread whenever I think of death. Not always doe…



    Dying is an experience.

    Death is not.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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