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    Do you remember the moment in your life when everything just fell right in place?

    I do.

    It was today.

    Every single thing that I have been fighting to accomplish seemingly for nothing, suddenly made sense. And for the first time….


    I actually feel free.

    I don’t want to even talk about my past anymore. I’m 100% focusing on my future. I’m getting the fuck off ALL government programs and I’m going to become a nomadic family traveling with my son 100% of the year. I’m starting all my businesses to work remotely and he’s never going to be made to set foot in a school again after this year. They failed him. MISERABLY. The world is his classroom. And mine. The journey has just begun!

    Do you remember a moment in your life when everything just clicked and happiness was suddenly yours?


    There is a certain magic in learning how not to give a fuck about unimportant things. Having the meaning of your life worked out is more important than striving for happiness, which is never a constant in anyone’s life.


    Simon Paynton

    I guess happiness, “a state of satisfaction with one’s life”, is elusive, but thriving is something we can reliably work towards.

    Do you remember a moment in your life when everything just clicked and happiness was suddenly yours?

    – I remember, it was a momentous moment, and from then on, I’ve been happy no matter what.  I must be very unusual.


    Simon Paynton

    it was a momentous moment

    – I recognised that happiness was possible.


    Simon Paynton


    – according to a Buddhist monk I know, happiness – knowing how to be happy in the moment – is a skill that can be learned.

    I think he equates it with “spiritual bliss” or equanimity – all experiences are greeted with the same even-tempered composure, or balance.  Strong emotion is experienced, observed and then let go.



    I don’t strive for happiness anymore. I strive for homeostasis. That meaning that first and foremost I need my most basic needs to be met and that of my son to be as self-regulated as possible.

    For my son that means that HE needs the freedom to be himself. The public school setting beat that out of him and that’s why HE was so unhappy.

    For me, I had to realize that my entire life I had been told what to do, and now that I’m in charge of my own life and my own decisions, I had to then go a step further and realize that regardless of what anyone says I have the permission to do whatever the fuck I want. That realization is sort of obvious to most people, but to me it didn’t come naturally, and it was one thing to learn that and internalize it to the core, but to actually then decide to do it….and now…implement it…

    For me homeostasis means living in an amiable climate all year round. That means traveling with the seasons. Also….to me, I understand on a very deep level and scientific level what’s happening with the planet and climate change, etc etc…and I need to ADAPT my family’s lifestyle so that we WILL survive. And one of my biggest stressors has been fear. Fear of so many things….

    Now that have a solid plan and have been able to give myself permission to think outside of the box in all the ways that only I can for myself, and now that it’s POSSIBLE! And I don’t mean possible in 10 years. I mean possible NEXT MONTH….A thousand tons of stress melted off of me within 24 hours. And suddenly the world was mine. Literally.

    I am joining the worldschooling, nomadic, sustainable movement.

    We are going to be living largely like our ancestors. Not 100% of course. But as low tech/low tech as possible.

    Everything we own will fit into the trunk of my car, including our house – a lotus bell tent (***best invention EVER***!!!!)lol

    It took a lot to get to the point where I gave myself permission to validate my own fears instead of trying to convince myself they were stupid. Once i realized – NO! My fears have merit and I need to do something to solve the problems that could come about by not addressing them…

    But now I’m free. Free. Free at last.

    I’m no longer a prisoner.

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