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    Good point Strega. Would anyone insinuate that ALL Dutch people were up to their armpits in the slave trade for centuries, African colonialism and the extremely racist policy of apartheid, Nazi collaboration and the bloody diamond business? Of course not. I do wonder about their history lessons however.

    You cannot compare a group of people, who happened to be all born in one place…with people who voluntarily join an organization with extreme power and privilege. It’s like comparing Bangladeshi people with the CEOs of the Fortune 500 or comparing Alaskans with boy scout leaders. It’s not even that different to comparing Atheists with Canadians or Bhuddists with Australians. It’s also not that different from comparing LGTB people with Ukranians. One is a case of birth, uncontrolable and unshedable and an inherant part of who you are. The second is a case of personal career choices, voluntarily accepting a point of view and following certain rules you’ve agreed to obey…and to some extent being trusted with an important level of power.

    When people talk about their own personal experience with people in authority and their entire experience is negative, they’re quite free to comment that they don’t feel comfortable being put back in that situation.  I cannot ignore the stress and irrational guilt I feel when I see red and blue lights flashing or a policeman walking past me on a street Ontario. The whole first responders occupation desperately needs reform from top to bottom (especially the Mounties who have been under national investigation for abuse, sexual bullying, workplace bullying, irresponsible arrests, dropping cases and a toxic atmosphere). There are systemic problems, documented by parliamentary committees and independent ombudsmen and official watchdogs who claim major changes need to be enacted now. Does that mean the Canadian Mounted Police are all bad? No. Does it mean there are serious problems and that one is right to be uneasy around them if they’ve had multiple bad experiences? What do you think?

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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