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    Has it happened to you? It’s happened to me. Out of nowhere I remembered something I had forgotten and I can’t sleep


    I was not abused but many people I know were, to varying degrees. It was only in my mid-twenties before I started to realise the extent of it. The Catholic Church in Ireland abused over 100,000 children before the year 2000. By “abused”, I mean priests systematically raped, beat with leather straps, humiliated, forced children to preform degrading acts, beat them to a pulp, starved them, forced them to engage in slave labor, forced them to sleep outside during the winter for the glory of their imaginary god and even told them their siblings were dead. I have even met a woman who at the age of 8 was raped upon a coffin by an old priest with a nun present. As bad as that case is, it is by no means the worst.

    Many never recovered. They lived their lives in poverty and depression. They took to drugs and alcohol. For years they told nobody because they thought they were alone. Due to the power the Catholic pedophile rings held in Ireland it is unlikely that anyone would have believed them so many hundreds took their own lives. It was endemic. The Catholic Church has a global child abuse wing. It is reckoned that 1 in 4 fell victim to them.



    My years in catholic school were all about them trying to break me. they certainly put me in situations, doing chores alone with visiting “brothers”, but I was way too clever and threatening. Of course there were stories. I witnessed a kid get his ear half torn off by a sadistic nun. it never looked right again. the institution is rotten to the core.

    I went to the s. dali museum in Tampa yesterday, Brilliant artist but I was disappointed to see jeebus and even the pope had invaded his dreams and art.



    The things that happened to me in the church weren’t that bad. Really it doesn’t matter now. I think what’s happened in the Catholic church is much worse. I suspect it’s something that has likely been passed down over the centuries. Odds are you want to bet many of the priests doing the raping and molested were also raped and molested by their priests? I found out recently, in doing a research paper for I don’t remember what assignment in school, it’s really a thing. I mean it’s BEEN a thing for centuries: Older men raping young boys who they are mentors over. Honestly I don’t understand it that well. Back in the day it was even seen as “normal” and “socially acceptable” to do so…It wouldn’t surprise me if just like the cycle of violence goes from generation to generation within families, it does the same within the Catholic Church. Some people say, “well predators look for positions of power,” which is true. But they’re more likely to choose positions they’ve been exposed to. I’m willing to bet a lot of these predators were victims first – as children themselves. So the real problem is that pederasty is something we rarely if ever talk about. There’s a ton of focus and attention on WOMEN being victims to sexual violence. But I’m willing to bet if our CULTURE (ahem) allowed men to speak as candidly as these rich bitches in the #metoo movement about THEIR sexual abuse past – I’m almost willing to bet that men have been victimized at a far higher rate that a lot of women. Not just because they’ve fallen victims to sexual abuse, but they have to deal with the abuses from each other – that in a lot of ways can actually be much worse.

    Then they just take it out on us.

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