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    Unseen I know you have this strange idea that you are gifted in brevity but as your posts grow increasingly longer (and sometimes superfluous) it does make me laugh.






    I find when discussing socialism with someone that they usually have no serious background to bear. Or else their grandparents escaped from some Communist Bloc country and the mere word “socialism” is anathema to them.  They never took a PoliSci or Political Philosophy course that spent much time on socialism often, sad to say, that in the U.S. is such a taboo topic that discussing it would be a near equivalent to discussing the tenets of NAMBLAe . Conservative critics tend to confuse socialism with Communism or even Nazism. I hear aphorisms like “Socialism has always failed” rather than reasoned arguments, treating socialism as though it’s just one thing and not a category of often wildly different political beliefs. The following video might have been better placed as a preface to the one above, but it’s too late for that now. This shorter one gets some needed definitions out of the way.



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