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    This post, which I intend to keep adding to, will help you know what’s being said that the U.S. government is NOT saying.

    I have a younger brother who considers himself politically sophisticated and I find it difficult to talk politics with him because if it wasn’t in The New York Times, The Washington Post, or on ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS, then it’s propaganda that should not be paid attention to.

    For my part, I’ve watched American the mainstream news sources not only come to parrot the government line but in many ways becoming enforcers as well, and a lot of this happened during the Covid-19 pandemic when it was argued that controlling the narrative saved lives.

    The new role is especially obvious in the social media of Facebook, Twitter, et al, where if you even float the idea that the CDC got it wrong—which they often did, BTW—if you’re not banned entirely or taken offline for a timeout, your post has an official notice accompanying it saying that experts have decided what you’re saying is misinformation or propaganda.

    So much for the beloved barrier between the American government and the Fourth Estate. This works for an authoritarian government operating in a legal environment where it can’t legally throttle opposing views but private nongovernmental entities can.

    “Alt” journalism isn’t ipso facto correct, but one can’t decide for oneself if one doesn’t expose oneself to it.

    So, following are two videos offering “alt” views on the media:



    What will American fascism look like, now that we’re well down that road:





    Imagine, if you will, Russia or China having at least 750 military bases each, most of them NOT in those countries.

    It’s certainly part of why Russia is paranoid that it’s surrounded by NATO countries, and that is one reason why Russia wants to control Ukraine.

    As for China, we have the Monroe Doctrine, but we don’t want China to dominate its part of the world in much the same way.

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    Putin being worried about NATO on its borders is bullshit. Putin has just concentrated his military and Russia’s borders are free for the taking right now. As if NATO is going to just invade the largest nuclear power in the world. Russia has been losing her brightest people for decades and their population is waning. He wanted millions of Ukrainians and their resources for Russia and thought it was gonna be easy.

    The US and her partner’s miliary basses all over the world (and the huge navy) are what enabled global trade to become a reality. Russia could easily be part of the party if they were not such dickheads.



    Unseen and Fellow Unbelievers,

    What gets me about all this talk about “Misinformation/Disinformation/Malinformation” (MDM) *Growl!* 🦁, is that the very services that kick people off for MDM are repositories of MDM. Doctors (or at least those who played them on TV) once endorsed cigarette smoking in advertisements and YouTube has them out there for all to see:

    I’d have to find it, but Jean Shepherd, the man who created A Christmas Story, had a radio show and used to recount how kids in his time thought that Coca-Cola and Aspirin would get you high and they thought you could get high off of smoking dried banana peels!

    It’s within my living memory that home medical manuals said that ulcers were caused by stress and spicy foods! Turns out it’s a stomach bug!

    Antother thing that gets into my crawl about MDM is that the very regimes screaming loudest against it were doing so long before COVID-19 and are some the world’s greatest enemies of free and searching media that seek out and find truth, as shown here:

    A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world

    A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world

    Basically, Omniscience is impossible, and everyone is subject to MDM. The only real cure for it is not a Ministry of Truth, but each of us applying critical thought (i.e. The Scientific Method, identifying logical fallacies, comparing claims with the larger contexts of confirmed knowledge) to everything we see, hear, and read, whether from home or abroad, whether “Establishemnt” or “Alternative” media. It’s never-ending but it’s also a great experience to learn more.

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