• jakelafort posted an update 1 month ago

    Milk has blood and puss…the odor is disgusting…it is unnatural to drink after we are infants and even more so when it is another species.

    • Davis replied 1 month ago
      Milk is extremely delicious. A good bottle of Canadian or Irish whole milk, semi-pasteurized…fresh and cold on a summer evening đŸ™‚ Yum. And all of the divine things than come from it? Irish butter.Whipped cream. Cornish clotted cream. Greek yoghurt. English custard. Yorkshire puddings. Muffins, Parmesean cheese. Mozarella. Edam. Manchego. Scalmoza. Camembert. Irish Cheddar. Cream cheese. Sour cream. Utterly divine. A world without dairy or dairy products? What an impovrished, sad, tasteless, flavourless place that would be. If I developed lactose intollerance I’d become severely depressed.
        • An ode to dairy without a mention of ice cream! High butter fat, varied flavors, incomparable ice cream.
          Gelato. Cottage cheese. Havarti. Gouda. Yeah the derivatives are terrific. Except for the rotten cheeses…roquefort and blue cheese, no clue how those are consumed without vomiting.
          Still hate milk. yuck
            • Davis replied 1 month ago
              How on Earth did I forget Icecream / gelato.

              When I lived in Canada we drank milk all the time. As kids, my Brother and I along with my father would go through a 4 litre bag of milk in one day. We’d have it with our dinner and at restaurants we’d order chocolate milk with our platter. Ontario milk is always super fresh, lightly treated and comes in a huge variety of types. The funniest one was “homo” which stood for homogenized milk. Utterly helarious that you’d see “whole milk”, “2%”, “1%”, “skim”, “homo” etc all in a row.