• jakelafort posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Simon, you are going to go there?

    Dawkins v. Craig character test?

    Craig is utterly lacking in integrity. He is a christian soldier/apologist who has made an art the sophistry of his christian polemics. As such he has a direct impact in perpetuating an ideology in which women are subordinate and more susceptible to abuse. Dawkins is a popularizer of science and an anti-theist whose work might effect some positive change for women.
    What did Dawkins really do in asking her for coffee. Was it a cue for dya wanna have sex or just a gal he took a shine to and wanted to gab? IDK but even if it was inappropriate it really was insignificant in the grand scheme.

    • Davis replied 2 weeks ago
      It wasn’t Dawkins inviting her to coffee. It was some other guy. All done politely. I would put this very much in a grey zone of behaviour. I don’t think politely asking someone in an elevator at 4 am to have a coffee in your room is inherently a bad thing to do. It could be scuzzy under some circumstances at worst. I do think broadcasting to the world that you had been sexualised by the experience and that men should not do it is not the best way to deal with it. I think then responding to her by saying you should just brush it off when you feel uncomfortable in such a situation is not the best way to deal with it. I think then trivialising concerns by mentioning worse concerns is a bad way to deal with it. It seems like they all badly dealt with it. Dawkins seems like the only person who somewhat admitted that they could have dealt with it better.