• jakelafort posted an update 1 week ago

    My knee jerk is religion. But i like Autumn’s answer also. A case in point in re preservation of status quo is the ferocity with which the poorest Whites in USA hunted escaped slaves.

    We also can thank our evolution for our tendency to worship real and abstract figures. Small bands with leaders and followers has given us this tendency as a biological heritage…i am guessing. And then of course there is the ever powerful mind virus that goes generation to generation…

    • Autumn replied 1 week ago
      They aren’t mutually incompatible answers. One place where science will never keep pace with many branches of religion is that science often offers complex, partial answers that can feel counterintuitive and lead to more and more questions. Religion can offer very simple answers for one willing to take them.

      We see it in politics too. Trump delivered simple, gratifying “truths” and didn’t make his base feel inferior, alienated or insecure. Even with Obama, it felt like ‘Hope and Change’ could be a real thing without having to dismantle the whole system, and I think a great many people—possibly even Obama himself—wanted to believe that, especially after eight years of Bush II.

        • Spot on.

          No matter how irrational, preposterous or absurd, religion makes the world intelligible to believers. If a believer is not corrupted by possessing an inquisitive mind or exposed to contrary information then it is a source of comfort. Not only does it make the world intelligible but it makes the world predictable. Good reasons to embrace religion and discard the disquieting noise of science.