• TheEncogitationer posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Uh, Jake, it is against the law to make false accusations. Did your diploma mill not teach you that?

    Do you not also understand that any Goddamn body on this Forum or anywhere else can be falsely accused of anything and if it weren’t against the law, that any one of us could be falsely arrested and imprisoned and no one might be held to account for false accusations?

    Have you ever cracked a history book to read that Jews throughout history were tortured, imprisoned, exiled, and murdered over false accusations of blood libel? That innocent people were executed for witchcraft in Salem on the basis of testimony done by women stoned from ergotism caused by spoiled bread? That lynchings typically started from false accusations of white women alleging rape against black men?

    And for opposing false accusation, I am “the champion of the powerful and oppressors???” Man, turn in your sheep-skin and sue the ones who gave it to you! It’s probably Davron anyway.