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    My kindest thoughts on your plight. Some reassuring perspective here on Diabetes: Just over 100 years ago, a prognosis for our shared condition meant a slow, debilitating death.

    100 years of insulin: How diabetes stopped being a death sentence
    The treatment changed the lives of patients forever – and today scientists hope to one day stop diabetes in its tracks
    Luke Mintz
    11 January 2022 • 10:07am

    From the time of the ancient Egyptians and Indians 3500 years ago, Diabetes detection was done by ants attracted to urine and/or by taste …and that didn’t fundamentally change until Matthew Dobson in 1776 measured glucose levels in urine. And the Woo treatments for Diabetes prescribed in the past were simply laughable!

    I’ll gladly pay for electronic test strips to avoid pee-play and piss-ants in my abode! And at least our diets don’t have to include tobacco and opium!

    Diabetes: Past treatments, new discoveries
    Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., MSN — By Valencia Higuera — Updated on May 4, 2023

    And in the U.K., they now have an artificial pancreas that pumps insulin and is controlled by sensors and algorithms detecting blood sugar in real time…Now if only the NHS had the actual Doctors to install and administer the devices and treatment (small detail.)

    Our species has come very far in fighting this monster of Diabetes. The costs of Medicine and Education are the biggest barriers to greater progress and those institutions are the very thing most subsidized and regulated by Government, even while water, food, and shelter have gone down as shares of what me must work to get.

    Here’s some more reassurance: While numbers go on into infinity, the Dollars they count do not. No debt has to last in perpetuity. And the right regimens may keep the debt from getting bigger.

    As Dr. Dean Edell always concluded his radio show: “Be Well.”




    Still, the best technology you described is off in the future and…I’m betting that when it becomes available it’ll be too expensive for many sufferers of this terrible disease.


    There is another potential medicine for insulin delivery that may become more affordable.




    Thanks for the article! Though I’m not yet to the point of needing insulin, knowing about this is helpful. I’ll read this in depth later.



    There is another potential medicine for insulin delivery that may become more affordable.

    Wow, and other medicines. I’ve bookmarked this researcher who’s come up with innovative solutions for years. Lettuce, who would have guessed?
    Henry Daniell



    Reg and Pope,

    A fantastic idea for insulin delivery from an accomplished scientist!

    I am just so glad that the “a-rat-is-a-pig-is-a-dog-is-a-boy” crowd and the protesters against “Frankenfoods” haven’t gained much ground. Their mentality fully implemented would mean suffering and death for millions.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Yet another example of new experiments in government that are already enabling greater medical freedom and promises greater freedom in other areas of life as well! While not without possible shortcomings (more on that later,) it is worth watching:

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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