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    Rolling Stone article about a group known as The Family or The Fellowship, which sponsors the Annual Prayer Breakfast it’s virtually mandatory for America’s top politicians to participate in.


    There is a Conservative Christian backed operation called Project Blitz going on whose objective is to return America to its “Judeo-Christian” roots whatever they may be. They want to rollback all “liberal laws” so they can overturn Women’s rights, abortion rights, LGBTQ equality rights, etc. They have sold themselves out to Trump who has endorsed liars for Jesus like pool boy Gerry Falwell. They are a disgrace to Christianity. The quote below by Hitchens on Jerry Falwell senior equally applies to them all.

    “If you gave [Jerry] Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox.”



    Jody Lee

    “Oddly, it is categorized under US law as a church rather than a political lobbying organization, so financial sources and budget expenditures remain unknown.”

    That came from Wiki. I’ve never heard about this until now. The more I read, the more fucked up it gets.



    The first I’d heard of them was because of the Netflix series on it. It’s about time anyway that I quit Amazon video and sign up at Netflix again. I switch when I feel I’ve binged all the good stuff, and Netflix tends to last longer than Amazon.

    This is scary shit. I wonder if Bannon or the Mercers are into it, too.


    Jody Lee


    Hard to tell about Bannon and the Mercers. They’d fit right in…looks like my idea of hell, a bunch of crusty,  prolifer, Christian extremists. I’m wondering just how much influence this group has over the election….

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