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    i knew a guy in his 30s who had a pacemaker. Pacemaker had to be replaced once every decade. Told me there was a 1 percent chance he would die. He died. Statistics are filled in by the unfortunate.

    Thanks for that.




    Sorry Unseen



    Davis, Jake, and Unseen,

    Best of thoughts to you on your procedure, Davis…and thoughts are at least a step-up from prayer.  I sure hope there’s no wait involved wherever you are.

    Jake, I’m glad you and your girlfriend got out of that predicament alive and with humor intact.  Always good to be able to laugh at adversity.

    A little perspective for everybody:  So far, 100 percent of life has a 100 percent chance of eventual death.

    However, that has never stopped our Extropian and Transhuman co-ir-religionists from wanting to swing on a star, carry Moonbeams home in a jar, be better off than they are, and seek that Fountain of Eternal Youth like the Ant with that Rubber Tree Plant.


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    Sorry Unseen




    I just found out this week that I may need to undergo an operation in the future which has a 3% mortality rate within one year. I think that 3 out of a 100 chances is not negligible. A 10% chance of a serious illness is harsh unseen. I’m sorry to hear that. My fingers are crossed (which is useless, but less useless than thoughts and prayers).

    Best wishes, BTW.




    Thanks unseen. Maybe we should all pray one day at the same time and maybe God will interfere with his already determined divine plan and make us all immortal!



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    A little musical encouragement in these trying times:

    Eddie Lawrence–“The Old Philosopher”

    Rosemary Clooney– “Swinging on a Star”

    Donald Fagen “IGY (What A Beautiful World”)

    Michael McDonald “I Gotta Try”



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