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    …or are they still at the top of their game?

    I’ll save my opinion(s) for after others react. My thoughts won’t be influenced by what you think, but I don’t want to risk coloring anyone else’s reactions. Here is their new song and the video used to present it:



    I’ve never been that much of a Stones fan. Whether they’ve lost their touch or not, it would be hard for current releases to live up to their own legacy. There was a time they had the zeitgeist, and nostalgia is a powerful drug. There are songs of theirs that are drenched in feels and memories, not just for their ardent fans but for those alive during the times or even those like me who grew up with some of their more iconic tracks being tied to a lot of pop culture from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even beyond.

    As a song, I like this better than You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but not as much as Paint It Black. With the former song, it didn’t originally top the charts, but it eventually cemented itself as a true classic. I don’t know if this song will have the same fortune though. There’s so much music out there and while The Rolling Stones are iconic, it doesn’t mean they are as relevant today as they once were.

    But it’s not a bad song by any means, so to that extent, I guess they still have it at least to some degree.



    One reason why music is so bad is that there’s so much of it and tech is being substituted for talent. Autotune making singing sound too perfect, removing the human element; using cut and paste and other tricks to make every song perfect to the ear of the producer. This is why so many shows put on by performers fail to live up to their recordings.

    Rick Beato should be declared a national treasure. He’s a musical polymath with perfect pitch and a prodigious talent on both guitar and keyboards. He can pick up either instrument and reproduce a classic passage or solo. While he once was a working musician, today he’s a producer. He’s so well respected by the musicians that he gets interviews with stars like Sting or Keith Jarret or Peter Framton, but also with lesser known “musicians’ musicians.”

    Here are some example from his literally hundreds of music-oriented videos:

    WTF is up with popular music today? Why is it so bad?

    Related to that, why is old music killing new music? You go into a bar or restaurant staffed by people under 30 and you don’t hear EDM or hip hop, you hear The Beatles, The Stones, Duran Duran, Kate Bush, Queen, AC/DC, etc.:


    Is Bach overrated? I don’t think so, and neither does Rick:

    The most complex pop song of all time just might be this one:

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    What, nobody wants to react to the return of The Rolling Stones.

    If anything, check out the video. It’s one of the best music videos in the history of music videos!


    It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll but I like it.  Good riffs and good musicianship as always. I heard Bill Wyman plays bass on one of the album’s songs with some other stars on other tracks. I don’t remember Hackney ever looking that sunny when I was there 🙂 I guess the album will do very well.

    Sydney Sweeney was a good pick for the video. I think Gimme Shelter has one of the greatest song intros ever. Turn up the volume first……..here



    @ Reg



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