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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    For right now anyway, a future Totalitarian Christian Theocracy will not be able to shut us Atheists down.

    And with Nina Jankowitz having submitted her resignation, we will definitely not get tortured by the sound of badly-sung show-tunes emanating from Room 101. 😁 🇺🇸

    DHS pauses disinformation board amid free speech questions


    That is good news. Imagine having to be one of the watchers and having to watch her 24/7 and then finding out that you too are being watched 24/7 by another group. I thought I was in my own Room 101 once but it was just a Macy’s store during the sales and they were still playing xmas carols.  When I win the lotto I will hire 2 private detectives and order them to follow each other.



    All because I have the right hear someone’s view it doesn’t mean I have to. Just like atheist forums disallow proselytizers. I don’t have time or the care to listen to every non-expert who is freely speaking about vaccines, evolution, flat earth, the holocaust, etc.




    Congress would finish bankrupting us trying to hire someone who could endure such surveillance missions. 😁

    The Hitch, as always, made his case with seamless logic and seams-busting wit.

    I could only add just a couple of historical facts that make The Hitch’s case even better.

    In the Schenck decision led by Oliver Wendell Holmes, although the Plaintiffs identified as “Yiddish Socialists,” they were in fact more All-American and more Libertarian than too many people in this nation, both back then and today.

    The Plaintiffs were effectively telling combat-age men: “Look, damnit! You each own yourselves! President Woodrow Wilson forcing you to fight and die in some European meat-grinder is slavery and involuntary servitude! This violates the 13th Amendment of your Constitution! Stand against it!”

    The Schenck ruling was even more horrible because Woodrow Wilson was himself a propagator of MDM because he ran and won on the slogan: “He Kept Us Out Of War!” and also supported pseudoscientific Eugenics and showed the racist D.W. Griffith film The Birth Of A Nation on The White House home movie projector, the elite IMAX Theater of it’s time.

    Also, while Robert Bolt’s A Man For All Seasons portrayed Thomas More as a martyr of personal conscience, More also supported martyring others for their conscience as well.

    Thomas More overseen the torture of others for their religious beliefs and practices, including personally torturing a mentally-infirm boy for “Blaspheming The Host.” Also, Thomas More’s Utopia granted a slave to every communal household in his ideal society.

    Aren’t you glad that there’s freedom of thought and expression to make freedom of thought and expression about freedom of thought and expression even better and stronger?

    While censors chase their own tails and chase each other in circles, individuals who seek and express freedom and truth lift each other above the fray and keep each other safe and informed.




    Fortunately the right to freedom of thought and expression includes the right to ignore and refuse audience or material support to ideas with which one disagrees. Right to freedom of thought and expression forbids forced expression, forced audience, and forced platforming.

    We’re all adult big-pants people here and I’m sure we can all decide for ourselves which is right and which is an illusion without the DHS DGB giving us The Moody Blues.



    The right to free speech includes the right not to listen.

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