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    DanielW said

    I won’t disagree that religion is a big factor in tribalism, and sometimes the most obvious factor, but I think it’s one among others.

    jakelafort said

    Of course those atheists who don’t really have a world view but are simply atheists by default are not included as being resistant to tribalism and all of its horrific manifestations.

    Tribalism (i.e. the human need for one to seek and foster their identity in one’s group) is a root cause of justifying aggressive action against out-groups, and as far as it being possible for reason to be a world view or group view, reason can mitigate the hate and destruction.

    Meanwhile, someone like Trump knows how to hit those buttons and activate the populists. I feel his respect for Putin and other authoritarian leaders around the world helps to illustrate HIS nefarious and self-serving world view. Could Nazi Germany have gone viral without Hitler?



    i think so Pope.  The conditions were right economically and socially.  Depression, frustration with losing ww1 and a punitive treaty of Versailles.  Germans have despised Jews since christ was a cow puppy…not much history of democracy and more of authoritarian rule…so why couldn’t a substitute Hitler have stepped up?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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