Now gravity is caused by TIME! or as massive particle!

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    Science just keeps confusing us.

    First, gravity was a force of nature.

    Then, it became a distortion of space/time.

    Then it became a massless particle called a graviton.

    A new explanation says that gravity is caused by time.


    But wait! A new theory claims that time may be caused by gravitons, but that they have mass.

    If gravitons have mass, then we may know it by another name: dark energy.

    Confused yet?


    I consider Gravity to be the effect of warped spacetime and not to be a force in or of itself. At least I do when I try to put it in a single sentence.




    Ooooh, Reg!  That is heavy! 😎


    Maybe it is more massive? I will get my coat….



    Is it any wonder how non-scientists can be skeptical of science? Modern physics seems like interpretation of art, where different people can freely assume different meanings and different relationships among parts of the painting. The Higgs Boson became the God Particle. When a significant percentage of scientists lean toward the “many worlds” theory, and yet are still able to make new, significant discoveries that prove previous theories, I just assume that these strange theories must start out as approximations of reality just like a sculpture starts out as a physical approximation. And then the non-scientists try to explain it all with added flaws to the approximation.

    The more we learn, the deeper the weird descriptions of reality and misunderstandings, so it can only keep getting worse!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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