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    What about fractal zooms? If you were to start running a fractal zoom program on a computer that would never break down and could keep it running until that day when the universe totally runs out of energy, the computer would still be diving ever deeper.

    Is that an example of an actual infinity?

    And then I’m wondering about moebius strips as well.



    1) Only if the computer (ironically) requires infinitesimal energy; 2) Or any object with circularity.

    What if the only meaning of “infinity” is that there can be nothing larger (or smaller) within the context wherein it refers to a quantity? E.g. if a Big Bang starts off with infinite density in infinitesimal space and time, assuming no other matter and energy exists in “nearby” space or time and the Big Bang’s precursor is both nothing and everything at once. (And therein would lie a logical contradiction, or at least insufficient clarity in terminology.)

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    Yes, my fractal program example is, paradoxically, an “in principal” example. A thought problem.

    Infinity is a complicated subject because there are many kinds of infinities (maybe even an infinite number of them LOL).

    And what about the moebius strip, an object with only two dimensions which can’t exist in two dimensions?


    Here is a good video from Sunday School earlier this month. An infinite pattern that never repeats.


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