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    Dang Martin

    After making a creepy speech.

    Interesting how “Mr. Two Corinthians” has grabbed her by the pussy once again.

    But it should not be surprising that a fake, lying Christian has so many Christian Americans fooled. Just like them, he has never read a bible, and has never even put any effort into becoming a better person.

    They do not feed the hungry, as is commanded.

    They do not give health care to the sick, as is commanded.

    They do not open their homes to the homeless, the immigrant, and the sojourner [this is a common theme throughout the bible].

    Instead, they put on the label of Christian, without doing any work, and use that as a way of fitting in and being superior to others.

    Their bible warns them of the rich man. I won’t tell ANY of the Christians reading this where to find this story in the bible, as they should be telling me. There is one story in particular, about a rich man, as well as another man named Lazarus. Lazarus fruitlessly begged for scraps from the rich man’s table, as a dog licked his wounds.

    When they both died, Lazarus was in heaven. Where was the rich man?

    Trump and his religious leaders are creepy, and filthy, taking advantage of those who were abused as children by being indoctrinated into this superstitious bullshit.



    National day of prayer… That shit there is so unconstitutional and yet the Lemmings in my country let it go in order to forward their backward agenda. The part about “Religious Tests….” No longer valid?



    Well, now. If there’s one day of national prayer, to me that indicates 364 days of non-prayer.  Ha! Only one day to get rid of!


    Dang Martin

    I think many American Christians do not realize a few very important things. One of those things is that there are over 50,000 brands of Christianity available for purchase worldwide. They are also more than just ONE bible.

    But what most of these Christians have in common is that they do not like each other. So far as they are concerned, every other Christian is doing it completely wrong, THEY are the ONLY ones doing it right, and that’s that.

    Where they get BAMBOOZLED is when there’s talk of “American Christians.” When they hear THAT talk, their mind goes to a place that says that, CERTAINLY, the President MUST be talking about THEM and THEIR brand of Christianity.

    Or maybe they’re not even that smart and just assume that all American Christians believe EXACTLY as they do.

    The one BIG thing that they fail to understand is how a SECULAR government and SECULAR law actually SECURES their right and freedom to believe that thing they believe, to go to that church, and to read that version of the bible.

    They have these insane fantasies about a “true Christian nation,” where everyone worships Jesus.

    What they DO NOT envision is a day when the government announces an OFFICIAL VERSION of Christianity. Should this day come, their church, their sect, their practices will be deemed ILLEGAL, and their priests will be forced into re-education so that they can ONLY TEACH “true American Christianity.”

    They DO NOT see a day where the bible that THEY like to read is recalled, and replaced by the American Christian Government Edition.

    With all the talk of the KKK and racism, I think many people have forgotten their true purpose, which was to maintain and protect PROTESTANT Christianity. When I grew up in the Midwest, the KKK did what they do with non-whites. But they ALSO kept the Catholics in line, as well as other unsavory denominations. The KKK in my small town would chase out non-whites and Catholics, but they also chased a family out of town because they had a pre-teen boy who was in a wheel chair. To this day, I don’t know why that had anything to do with anything, but we’re not talking about logical organizations here.

    When government and religion gets mixed, the government gets diluted with mythological garbage. Also, the religion gets diluted, because now people are attending, not because they choose it, or because they sincerely believe it, but because it has become compulsory via government law, under threat of legal, authoritarian punishment if you do not comply.

    Christians are lacking this foresight, but it is no surprise. It seems that many believe that Trump is an actual Christian, when nothing could be further from the truth.


    I was thinking about the constant squabbles between the various Christian cults over various theological differences. They seem to mistrust each other to the extent that they seem to be in a perpetual state of confusion. So I coined a phrase for a collective of them. A bewilderment of Christians. I wonder can we make it an Internet meme.

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