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    Simon Mathews

    Theories change

    If the image doesn’t show, it says “Theories Keep Changing…. God Does Not”.

    I guess they thought this was a positive message about the church. I see it as exactly the opposite.


    Ron H

    Most Christians consider that something being a theory is a strong negative. They simply do not get the scientific method. In science most every thing is a theory to some degree. Theories are constantly being tested, refined and even rejected.
    That is the beauty of science.



    If there is one thing that is absolutely certain, it is that Christianity has changed, and so has its conception of Jesus. Also true of Judaism, whose conception of Yahweh has changed considerably.

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    Wow, the idiocy, it burns. I like how they put “e=mc^2?”, which to my knowledge hasn’t changed. It’s layer upon of layer of stupid.

    They suggest that a changing model of reality (changing to better model reality) is not as good as a static god.
    They fail to realise that, as SteveInCO mentioned, christianity has changed significantly in the last 1800 years.
    They quote the bible, apparently failing to realise that the only people affected by such things are ALREADY christians.

    An onion of stupid. Peel away one layer and behold more stupid beneath.



    People want to know what’s true and correct. Some (if not most) were raised to believe that truth must come from an unquestionable authority, which becomes oppressive enculturation for the sake of cultural unity in one kind of ism or another. Behaving in reaction to perceived threats and perceptions/narratives of “what God wants” has been a big motivator in civilizations, for better and for worse, even though “authorities” speaking for God are merely mortal men.

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