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    BTW, there is a common misconception that is spread even by experts, and it’s that cats got domesticated by keeping Egyptian granaries clear of rodent pests.

    The problem is that cats kill to eat. They aren’t bloodthirsty binge killers. They kill a mouse or rat, eat the good parts (the head and organ meats mostly) and they they’re good for nothing for a few hours as they groom and take a lengthy nap.

    Now, we know from their artwork that the ancient Egyptians also had dogs. And you know what dogs are? They, like their fox cousins, are binge killers. They will kill a rodent, forget eating, and go on the prowl for another one. And they will do so with far more enthusiasm than any cat could muster.

    Have you ever seen any of the disgusting videos of people with packs of dogs clearing out a rat infestation? No? Okay then, here is one:

    I think videos like this put to the lie that Egyptians relied on cats for rodent control. They had dogs and dogs will kill and kill again.

    Most of these dogs are terriers, which are dogs originally bred mostly for killing small animals.

    So, if you want a domestic predator who can keep your home free of the occasional rodent intruder—and be quiet about it—a cat is your best bet. If you have a serious problem, you want a terrier. But be prepared for a lot of barking. Dogs hunting rodents are anything but stealthy about it.

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    Unseen, i assume it is an association between grooming and bonding. In general cats seem to be more aloof than dogs so i don’t suppose it is simply because they want our approval.

    I had never seen a vid like you posted but i suppose those terriers were bred for centuries to hone that killer nature. I have noticed cats sometimes will kill to bring a little prize home for their keepers.

    As to why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats i assume it is the regal bearing and appearance that were central to their being put on a pedestal.



    Oh yeah and i read that coon cats are particularly fond of and skilled in catching mice. Probably rats also.

    Why the “you dirty rat.” Yeah rats get a bad wrap.




    Cats do not want our approval. They want our body warmth, our strokes, and the food we give them. Plus, they want to be left alone a good deal of the time.


    Cats do not want our approval.

    Unseen, if I ever come face to face with a cat that size it can have my approval. If it wants anything else, it can have that too 🙂




    Then, I guess a liger would be out of the question.

    Actually, ligers are notoriously docile. Hmm… How about a black leopard?

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    Wow! That Maine Coon cat would roar the Meow Mix jingle and need a whole dance floor to do the “Chow! Chow! Chow!”

    Meow Mix (Horror Version)

    Purina ‘Chow! Chow! Chow!’ Cat Food Commercial (1975)

    And that thing probably supplements his rat kill with ‘possums, beaver, and lobster rolls! 🐯😁

    By the bye, when watching a rat kill video, never forget that those vermin carried mosquitos that carried Bubonic Plague which killed 2/3rds of Europe, with aiding and abetting by the Holy Church which burned cats at the stake because cats were thought to be spirit animals of witches. Rats would kill you first with zero thought or remorse.

    Three cheers for both cats and dogs who in their humble way hold back return of The Dark Ages! 😸🐶



    Cat speaking in tongues, channeling Satan:

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