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    I will be the first to admit, I still on occasion listen to Focus on the Family. I do occasionally learn new things about being a better parent, and a stronger person. I’ve learned that every time they talk about “God” I just think about myself. For example if they say, “Trust in God” I take the message as “Trust yourself.”….

    Today there was actually a really good program on about being single. Of course in the Christian community it’s expected that you’ll be married or want to be married, but there was a single woman on who had written a book and she was giving some tips on dating. One of the things I thought she was SPOT on about was the idea that you need to have friends or family around you to know if you’re basically headed over a cliff. I think for myself that is definitely true. I have decided that from now on, for MYSELF, before I go on a “real” date (I consider a real date like going to dinner, I don’t consider going for coffee a date but just meeting up to SEE if you want to date…just to clarify…) – Before I date ANYONE, I’m going to talk about the person, possibly in this group for feedback and an objective opinion. I don’t have people in my life in the real world that aren’t in other states, but I of course am going to rely on my girlfriends too. The only things is all my girlfriends are Christians and they also haven’t been through a lot of the stuff I have. They tend to think through things more emotionally and they won’t give me an HONEST assessment like I know people from this community will. I KNOW that the people here will give me an honest non-sugarcoated opinion. So….

    I’m just putting this out there.

    I’m also curious if other singles have ran into trouble dating as an atheist. I for example have been really wanting to go to the local atheist groups that are around. I’ve been a little afraid to. Mostly because I have my son with me most of the time and I don’t know if it’s all kid friendly. But…I think I’m going to start putting myself out there more, but I am hoping to start SLOW…..I don’t want to actually be in a relationship yet. I’m not ready for that. I AM ready to start making friends. And if someone starts to become of interest I might as you all for your opinion about stuff….to make sure I’m not headed over (another) cliff, lol…



    I seriously think… no, I know that my worldview is so unusual but solid that the only way I can find someone compatible with me is by putting myself out there with higher visibility. I’ve only gone after a couple girls, and the one that worked best for me came to me by way of word of mouth, and when I least expected it.


    Simon Paynton

    I agree, @popebeanie. PUtting yourself around is the only way to meet people in a natural way. Staying indoors and watching the flies fuck doesn’t get you anywhere.



    Staying indoors and watching the flies fuck doesn’t get you anywhere.

    WTF?!?! That was YOUR spycam in my kitchen?



    If there’s one conclusion I can come to after fifty years of watching other hominids, it is that there is someone, somewhere, who thinks fly porn is hot.

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