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    Winter Lily

    What if, like on the show impastor, you had to pretend to be a pastor for quite a while? How would you go about doing that? Do think it would be easy or hard to do?


    Simon Mathews

    I think it would be quite hard – having to keep praising “The Lord” and all of that stuff. However, I would undertake to try and make my flock think a bit more about the roots of the religion and not just regurgitate passages from the holy texts. Obviously in my role I could not say I did not believe in God but I would encourage people to question why they do so and what they get from it.

    I would also present all the counter-arguments pretending to play “Devil’s Advocate”. So I would say things like (in the example of Christianity).. “Some people don’t believe the resurrection actually took place. How can we best answer this and what reasons do we have to believe it? Understanding these reasons will strengthen our faith.” By phrasing it this way I am encouraging people to think, but still within the world-view of the religion.


    Winter Lily

    @simonm I think it would be quite easy and I would probably do the same.



    I would vaguely pretend to be a pastor…meanwhile asking my flock about their faith and questions that might lead them to doubt…without ever trying to steer them back towards faith…even quite possibly affirming those doubts. I would slowly betray a growing lack of faith until eventually I told the congregation that it would be best to turn the church into a day care centre for working mothers and people on low incomes and that they would all be welcome to donate money and volunteer their time.


    I am an ordained Minister in the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster – Praise be His Noodly Appendage. Effortless – except when trying to get the State to recognize the civil marriages I have conducted for my friends!!



    There’s a show called ‘Impastor”?

    {Bang head here}

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