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    Glen D

    “Love Island” seems to be a British reality TV show. I was wondering if anyone her has seen it?

    I ask because of an article in Huff Post UK this morning. Seems the producers, ITV, are offering free counselling to families of participants. This became necessary after two participants committed suicide, in one year.

    My initial reaction was: Horror. WTF? This is a bloody TV show. People are topping themselves apparently because of their experience with the show.

    This suggests that perhaps the two victims were shallow people with serious mental health issue before going on the show. That perhaps the TV show was a catalyst rather than a cause?

    Does all that mean the show’s producers are blameless.? I’d argue the show’s producers may be guilty of criminal negligence. Seems to me that by its nature, the show attracts a certain type of person. Do the producers have a duty of care to screen applicants for mental health issues. Or is it perhaps that a sprinkling of neurotics, depressives and other disturbed people makes better television?

    I ask because I realise I may be biased. I loathe so-called ‘reality TV show’s of all kinds.’ Free to air TV is infested with them. They seem to be relatively cheap to produce, and people will watch them. Many seem based on showing people being humiliated. In my opinion, virtually all reality shows are exploitative, some more blatant than others.

    Be most interested in other views.



    I flatly refuse to watch any of these types of show. I don’t think playing with a person’s emotions needs to be made into cheap tv programming for the brainless.


    Glen D

    “I flatly refuse to watch any of these types of show. I don’t think playing with a person’s emotions needs to be made into cheap tv programming for the brainless.”

    Amen. That’s why I asked; I haven’t seen it.

    My concern is that something is very wrong when participants begin killing themselves. Easy to disapprove, much harder to think of something constructive to do.I’m stumped.


    Belle Rose

    I haven’t seen or heard of it but now I’m curious LOL


    Glen D


    I’ve seen a few clips of the British one (and Spanish and Canadian one). They seem to be the same in every country. I watched parts of the Belgian/Netherlands first season (years ago). It was one of the saddest things I ever watched. I learnt later that the producers specifically pick highly outgoing and extroverted people, some of whom they believe will cheat, others who never would (preferably one of each per couple). They then actively encourage the couples to cheat. During the interviews, some of the partners are so sure their relationship is completely solid they think  its all a walk in the cake. At night the couples privately reafirm their love for one another privately in bed. Lauhing how easy the show is and that they’re having fun and making money. And then boom, one of them cruelly runs off with another and we watch the sense of horror and embarrassment and pain of the partner. If the screwed over partner doesn’t find a new partner (some just break down in emotional agony) they quickly get voted off. The editing heavily focuses on betrayal, seduction, pain and giddy forbidden passion. I’m not surprised in the least about the suicides. Yes they are responsible to some degree. They aggressively encourage behavior that will lead to a suicide eventually. My friends who were addicted to it were all educated (mostly girls). It’s mostly exploitation. Most see it as entertainment. In reality it’s commodified assholtry.


    Glen D


    Geez, that sounds disgusting.Glad I haven’t wasted any time watching it. I have far too much good gear to watch on Netflix.

    Doesn’t surprise me smart girls would watch it; a guilty pleasure.(?)  They may also enjoy feeling superior.  In reality, I suspect the attraction for many is a solid feeling of schadenfreude.






    Trump became a kind of reality show star, and now I’m wondering if its success helped him learn better how to manipulate gullible people (which he was successful at even before his stardom).

    I think perhaps these shows, along with soap operas, appeal to some inner human, seeking of approval, and fear of being shamed… along with a naive acceptance that fates are likely “deserved”.

    Are these stories not as titillating as (say) “entertainment” produced in a Roman Coliseum? The fact that a tv show script writer or star determines outcomes is merely a secondary backstory, as the thrill and drama of the story unfolds as if it just might be like real life.


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