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    I was watching this documentary on netflix about yoga called “On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace.” Has anyone seen it? There’s some good stuff in there. It’s made me want to become more of a dedicated yogi, lol…I’ve always seen yoga as basically the routine I’ve always done to warm up. I used to be a competitive figure skater and I always had to do my stretches. I thought of yoga like that. I never really understood it further than that. So this documentary got me thinkin’…anyway I just wondered if anyone else watched it and has some thoughts.

    At the start he talked about how yoga helped him heal and I was thinking it might help me do the same.


    Calling it a philosophy would be a bit of a stretch.



    Reg, no need to get bent out of shape, after all when it comes to philosophy we should try to be flexible.



    Muslims in India have been warned not to practice it because it has its roots in Hinduism. They don’t need to bend over backwards to please them or get all warrior about it. I think yogata do better than that.

    Seriously though as an exercise it is great. It looks easy and relaxing but I have found myself soaked in sweat and I have hardly moved, just held a few poses. Off to do a 7k now…without posing!



    Yoga can be a state of mind, or a state of mind integrated with a state of body.  I don’t think it can qualify as a philosophy.


    BTW, there is a new version of Yoga called “Hot Yoga”, which is done in a warm and humid room. Ignore it. It is 100% Woo and has been proven to have no extra benefits over regular Yoga.

    Hinduism also leads to a greater acceptance of Woo based “medicines” and “Guru bullshit”.



    But Reg, hot yoga might be easier  on joints and muscles.  I always feel safer doing strength exercises after i have done aerobic and my body is warm.  I wonder in hot yoga if there is a reduced risk of injury and even an increased rate of improvement due to greater flexibility.


    I will find the study again. I think it might also be in a recent New Scientist edition from end of last month.



    It’s called Bikram yoga. Way too bloody hot. I have a friend who swears by it, but then again the side benefits of sweating out the alcohol from the night before might have something to do with it.


    Don’t sweat it……..and why not to. Here is the research.



    Thanks Reg.

    That research is narrow and is about vascular health.  I wonder whether there may be fewer injuries as a result of the heat and also whether students may progress quicker because the heat enables greater flexibility.

    I have also heard people extol hot yoga.  Hell if i know whether there is an added benefit in adding the heat or for that matter a risk.



    @Bellen – Neil Carter wrote a great rebuttal to Matt Walsh’s idiotic yoga is demonic rant. He makes an excellent point therein:

    Most of all, they [churches] need you to be uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s imperative, because if you feel fine the way you are, you won’t buy what they’re selling. I believe that is a huge part of why the church feels threatened by calming, soothing, centering exercises that have nothing explicitly to do with Jesus.

    He also provided this helpful flowchart to help determine whether one should read Matt Walsh’s screeds:



    @zweifel Hahaha brilliant chart!

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