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    • Welcome to Atheist Zone!

      • Thank you! I don’t know how I found this site, sure am happy to have stumbled across a link this morning. Are you real or a bot?

        • I am the one and only real fronkey farmer!!

          • Ok! Just checking! I’ll get used to the site in time. I need to check it out and observe some to get the feel before I become more active. Also need to go over the TOS yet. My main family is supportive in that we are all mostly free thinkers and atheists, however in public I am the closet atheist and don’t talk about it much. From the small group that I have expressed my views to, it’s been rough. People think I am evil. And it’s not worth the hassle debating the fact, evil is fictitious in religious terms, it doesn’t exist to my knowledge. There are other logical explanations for people hurting one another.

            • Feel free to post any blogs or questions you might have.There are a few members here who have been completely ostracized by their families but plenty who are in the open. I will debate anyone on the subject. I never mention atheism until they “knock on my door” about their faith. I am all for taking ownership of the word “atheist”. Now I am off to boil some children in a cauldron…cos we are just so evil!! I hope you find something in my “Sunday School”.