• Reg the Fronkey Farmer posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    • Indeed! A massive loss to the rational/sceptic community!
      • Wow! That is sad to hear! I remember first hearing about him on ABC about the time his book _Flim-Flam_ came out, and he was exposing so-called ‘psychic surgeons’ in (I think) Haiti.

        He showed how their alleged tumors were actually chicken livers hidden in a fake plastic thumb, which the ‘surgeon would burrow in the belly of the patient, loosen, then release the chicken liver into the ‘surgeon’s’ hand for all to behold with icredulity.

        I’ll never forget Randi’s famous Bronx Cheer of disgust and derision at this pious fraud. It came from a place of righteous anger because his own mother died from “Christian Science.”

        In spite of Randi’s death, his work continues on in the memory of that Bronx Cheer against the Supernatural. Rest In Peace, James “The Amazing” Randi!